Optimised handling

Ballistic turret with locking mechanism

For better impact at a distance

The SWAROVSKI OPTIK Ballistic Turret (BT) allows you to “stay on target” when shooting at different ranges.

You can assemble the Ballistic Turret yourself in a few easy steps and adjust it accurately to your weapon. You can change the distances selected yourself at any time. There are other distance settings available in addition to the four distances marked. A locking mechanism at the base of the Ballistic Turret prevents it from being accidentally turned – this ensures that the Ballistic Turret only rotates under your control.

Use our own specially developed Ballistic Programme to calculate the necessary settings (number of clicks) for the ranges you require. The alignment knob on the Ballistic Turret indicates whether or not you are using the base zero. You can also locate this quite easily in twilight.

Ballistic program:

Mounting and settings of the ballistic turret